All you need for Ha Giang Loop Trip

All you need for Ha Giang Loop Trip –The guide of a well prepared adventurer.

To start with, here are some basics info about the loop. The loop is between 300km and 350km, depending on the itinerary you take. It usually takes 3 to 4 days. We recommend to go there for at least 3 days. Indeed, a 2 day trips would be to short and you have to rush, missing out on the some of the most beautiful part of the loop. On the opposite, a 4 day trips, would be too long if you are on the tight schedule. That is why we offer, the 3 Epic days Ha Giang Loop tour. 

The best time to enjoy the beauty of the loop is from Autumn (September – October) until Winter (February). Even though, be aware that winter over there can be very cold.

Stunning View of Ha Giang
Stunning view of Ha Giang

The necessary kit to bring with you:

  • A small backback. Do not overload yourself you only go for 3 days.
  • Enough clothes for the journey, including a rain jacket but also a backpack protector in case of a rainy weather.
  • And some sunscreen for the sunny day!
  • A swimming suit. Indeed, the loop has so many waterfalls and it would be silly not to enjoy some of them!
  • Bring some hiking shoes, you might be tired of driving and would enjoy a small hike in the mountains.
  • As you go to a rural area, some medicine, a first aid kit as well as mosquito repellent are highly recommended.
  • Even if you will be travelling in a group, you might need a sim card. The best company for the rural area would be Viettel. Or if not, you could also download apps like or google map.
  • Don’t miss out on capturing what nature has to offer and bring your camera or go pro.
  • And of course, some cash, even though, you would find some ATM along the way, it might be wiser to already have cash with you

Now, you just have to get your backpack ready and jump on one of our motorbike!

Ha Giang Loop Tour Motorbike
Ha Giang Loop Tour Motorbike
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