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Many solo travellers tend to ask us how hard Ha Giang Loop is, and if it’s possible to do it on their own or better to sit at the back of drivers. The answer depends on your riding skills and what experiences you expect to have. These typical perspectives of obstacles in this article can give you more insights into this tricky but amazing loop journey.


  • First of all, the language barrier is always one of the most common issues for those who explore Ha Giang on their own. Some people working at the accommodation you stay in speak English but not all of them. So communications amongst people become much easier as learning some simple keyphrases or using Google Translate. Plus, it would be lovely if you get to know culture diversity to respect their local values during the stay.
  • Wifi is quite popular in Vietnam, even Ha Giang but the connection is not always stable. Thus, you’d better have an extra internet sim card or download an offline map in case of getting lost in the dark. Also, driving licence and legal permit in frontier areas should be adhered to. No idea of what that permit is? Check this to save all the hassle!
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to have a good bike for the trip. Make sure to check if it works properly with full of protected gears. You get what you pay, the cheapest is always the dearest. All the good bikes from Ha Giang Epic Tour are on the link.


The loop itself says most of the parts are mountain passes, especially with hundreds of twists and sharp turns in steep. Though the road now broadens to lessen the risk of accident, there’s some quite bumpy and unpaved. The most extremely rugged is from Mau Due – Du Gia – Quan Ba where you should put the same gear level (level 1 or 2) up and down slopes. Drive slowly and watch out the vehicles from opposite directions through curved mirrors on the next blind turns. So make sure to visit a number of stops on route to relax and cherish the beauty of the scenery. It’s a really long way so there’s no need to rush. If you’re not sure about the road condition, consult your local guide before heading off the loop.
Be ready no matter how hard the loop is
Are you ready to conquer this amazing loop?


The weather in Ha Giang is as changeable as all shades of girls’ character and so diverse because the terrain is strongly divided. In general, Ha Giang has 2 main seasons – dry and rainy seasons with many sub-regions of climate changes. Visit this post to know when is the best time to visit Ha Giang. Don’t be surprised if you get a typical brilliantly sunny day right after it’s showering and vice verse. Some higher parts such as Dong Van and Quan Ba are likely chilling and foggy, which hinders your vision to drive. Prepare raincoats to cover muds even if it’s not rainy. But that all makes sense if you’re a pluviophile.
Be all set by your next time hitting Ha Giang. There’ll be always other options you can get professional local easy riders or tour guide in case you’re not confident in your driving skills. Contact us for further details (084 883 0000 – Daro). Cheers.
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